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How to Build Your Crystalline Light Body so that You Stay Centered and Clear Through Big Transformation.

Creating the Crystalline Light Body

Learn about moving from carbon based physicality to crystalline light body. Create your living light body with daily meditation practice while opening to receive the high frequency crystalline light now permeating the Earth. Gayle will lead you to access  and bring in these light codes so that you will be better able to manage the stresses of transformation we are experiencing.



Opening to 5D Crystalline Light

What is 5D Crystalline Light?

Attune your transforming consciousness. Humanity is awakening and everything is transitioning to a new level of awareness. Learn the ways these crystalline light energies affect you and how to practice consciously conneccting with the high frequency 5D crystalline light so that you can easily navigate the big shifts happening on Earth now.

Accessing Your Light Body

You will learn a physical and an energetic practice to engage your light body with the 5D crystalline light streaming onto the planet during this evolutionary time so that you will know how to consciously develop and strengthen your Physical, Emotional, Mind and Spiritual aspects of your human consciousness systems.

Crystalline Light Experience

Doing these practices daily will acclimate you to the new frequencies by keeping you aligned and bathed in the crystalline light. You will become more centered in your body, aligned in your intentions and flowing through your heart so that you will remain clear and full of love amongst the difficult challenges the awakening of humanity presents.

Please note that registering for this class signifies your intention to change something in your life and that the process may begin now.

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Gayle Hannan

Brennan Healing Science Practitioner

Gayle Hannan is a Quantum Holographic Energy Healer with over 25 years of study and practice. Attending The Barbara Brennan School of Healing, becoming a Reiki Master and teacher and furthering her study at The Energy Touch School for Advanced Energy Healing helped her develop new techniques in the advancement of energy medicine.  Her creation of quantum holographic energetics of the auto-immune and endocrine systems and how they function emotionally/electrically with the brain and nervous systems at the quantum-cellular level has helped numerous clients free themselves of PTSD symptoms, physical pain, depression, grief and addiction.  She includes reiki and sacred geometry energetics for the client so that the pain and emotional problems remain solved.