Good Day Dear Hearts,
Let it be known that all of your prayers are already answered.
You shall receive all of the gifts that are yours to receive each day.

Become ready to receive all that you are today.
You are becoming who you are.
Who you are is infinite and divine beyond measure.
Allow all of that infinite love and light to infiltrate the dark shadow places that restrict coming in contact with such love.
Coming in contact with such love is what we are fearful of —
How Silly Yes?
Why would we fear such love?

Perhaps because we have suffered such great loss, separation and abandonment throughout the ages?
Perhaps because the feelings of love expand us so much when we naturally contract even a little bit, it hurts?
Perhaps because we recognize to sustain and hold such a love is nearly impossible, so why bother to try?
Perhaps because we have been abused, abandoned, betrayed, criticized, guilted, and shamed by those we love?

Remember all pain is only resistance to love.
Remember the levels of feeling love shift and fall away
only to grow larger and deeper than previously felt and experienced.

Be not afraid of the Expansion of Love.
Be not afraid of the Contraction of Love.
Be not afraid of the Experience of Love.
Be only aware that you May always allow Love to flow to you,
from you,
Through you,
Whenever you choose.
Love is your birthright.
Love is available at all times
Love begins with loving your self.
Love never ends.
Continue to love other as self and the Kingdom of heaven will open unto you.

Peace Be With You.

Gayle Hannan