Flower of Life Focus Wheel

Learn how to clear old thought-feeling patterns with this amazing tool.

fOCUS wHEELGayle will prepare and walk you through how to use this template so you can remove unwanted patterns that may have plagued you for a lifetime. It will free you up from negative energies that no longer serve you and remain hidden in your unconscious.

Each session will gently uncover and refine what is needed for each individual in the group. As we walk through the colors of the chakras represented on the template of the Flower of Life Focus Wheel, Gayle will draw forth the essential qualities, or obstacles, surrounding the thought-feeling patterns as it relates to the focus chakra. You may only need one session to learn how to use it on your own, or come for several and get a deeper understanding and healing with Gayle’s help. You will reveal the core negative thought-feeling patterns that are asking for review, and then consciously and energetically release them. Finally you replace it with a new consciously chosen positive thought-feeling and write a new program for yourself. The results are immediate and you are permanently free from a particular pattern. Remember however, we are multi-dimensional beings with many layers of thought-feeling programming.

This is a 2 hour class on Sunday afternoon 1-3 PM this fall.
October 2 & 23
November 6 & 19
December 4

$50 per session, plus one time charge for workbook; $19 for electronic version
$29 for Electronic and Hard copy work book.

Using this tool brings forward a deep healing process as you begin to unveil and unravel old paradigms around relationship, health, money, work and play. As you understand and use the template you can do many wheels whenever the need arises. This is an empowerment tool designed for regular use and self-development. Creating positive thought-feeling patterns makes it easier to manifest your desires and develop the creation of your own life.

Saturday Group Energy Healing Exchange

This is the big sister of a Reiki Share. We will meet on Saturday afternoon for a few hours in order to share wisdom, practice healing skills, and receive energy healing too. Every other week we will focus on a type of practice starting with Reiki, Marconics, using Pendulums during a healing and Chakra healing.

ReikiAlso included is:
♥ Healer’s Preparation Grounding Instruction
♥ Introduction to the healing practice of the day
♥ Several rounds of 30 minute healing sessions

Participants have several options:
♥ Receive Treatment and Go
♥ Meditate/Absorb the Vortex of Healing Energy
♥ Practice – Practice – Practice on others
♥ Give and Receive a Healing Treatment

Saturdays 1- 3:30
October 1 & 22 Reiki
November 5th Marconics
November 19th Pendulum Healing
December 3rd Chakra Healing

Sign up Today!

$25 per class
Pre-Requisite Required for Giving Reiki & Marconics Exchanges

Book Gayle To Teach

Gayle is available to bring her teachings to your group or event.
Please contact her at or call 603-726-3755 for availability.

Some Topics include:

  • Energy Healer Skill Development
  • Fine Tune Your Instrument – Develop your Guidance, Grounding & Grids
  • Vibrational Expansion & Manifestation using The Flower of Life and the E-Motional Scale
  • Introduction to Brennan Healing Science
  • Dowsing for Healers/Pendulums, Bobbers and Rods
  • Fine Tune Your Instrument, A Healer’s Prep
  • Vibrational Expansion
  • Reiki I, Reiki II, Reiki III/Master Level Classes
  • Reiki For Parents and Teachers

Gayle Hannan graduated The Barbara Brennan School of Healing and is a Reiki Master and Teacher. She has over 19 years as an advanced energy healer. While attending The Energy Touch School for Advanced Energy Healing, she acquired skills enabling her work with the immune, endocrine, brain, and nervous systems defining the energetic interaction of emotions with the brain.

Gayle also operates The New Hampshire Holistic Health Network which publishes a community website for holistic practitioners and businesses. She has a private practice for individual sessions.

An Evening of Readings with Gayle

Gayle has been developing her intuitive gifts for over 20 years. She is now available at your invitation to attend a gathering of souls in order to tune into the higher frequencies of energy. She will intuit and/or channel these energies to assist you in your discovery of self and purpose of life.

An evening or afternoon will last approximately 2-3 hours depending on the number of people.
Bring your cell phone recorders for a permanent record.
Fee is per person and is $40 / per person. Minimum of 5 persons for the event.
Your choice is for individual sessions of 20-30 minutes each or a group reading.

The tools or method is also your choice and includes;
Straight Channeling
The Divine Message Board,
The Mystica Pendulum
, (Good for Group Readings)

Individual Card Readings like the Animal Medicine cards, The Mayan Oracle, The Enchanted Tarot or the Magdalene Oracle (Please note that with card readings I will be actually reading from a book and intuiting the underlying message.)
Gayle has been channeling for over 20 years and provides an excellent means to receive messages or answers to your questions.

The Divine Message Board is not your mother’s ouija board.
Experience using a message board with high vibrational images to have “conversations” with spirit or loved ones.

The Mystica Pendulum is my favorite for accessing clear information from the White Brotherhood, The Sisterhood of the Magadalene, The Mothers of the Millenium, and The Daughters of Grace. The Mystica Pendulum also opens the Portal to the Akashic Records, which will allow you direct access to your entire history. All will give you clear and truthful wisdom. Bring your questions about past lives, relationships and health problems and find some answers for relief. This little device whirls around and spins open the places previously hidden.

Call Gayle and schedule today: 603-726-3755
email me:

Call Gayle Hannan at 603-726-3755 with your questions.

Classes to be held in Plymouth, NH

Register with paypal and/or your credit card today!

Wear Comfortable clothes.

Pre-requisite for Master Teacher Level III is documentation of client practice.

Speare Memorial Hospital, Plymouth, NH has a REIKI VOLUNTEER program. Contact the Volunteer Office @ 603-238-6460 to get started. This in only one way to document your client sessions.

Reiki for Everyone!

Learning how to use Reiki can help you in many areas of your life. It is a Universal Life Force energy which is available to you at all times. All you have to do is learn how to tune in to it and your world will be transformed. It is useful in your everyday life health and well-being.
Try it for migraine headache, low back pain, arthritis, clarity, weight loss, skin conditions, fatigue and insomnia just to name a few. It helps children with experiencing focusing issues, eating disorders, and any physical ailment you can imagine.

It also works great for animals, and plants. Use it on your beloved pet and see how it will help your gardens to flourish. Use it to help yourself find a job, improve your job performance or apply Reiki to the working conditions you are in every day.

I will help you understand how to do this. It is so easy and fun. You will be are amazed at the results. Come and learn this month and next. See the schedule below.

Reiki reduces recovery time, pain, inflammation and anxiety when receiving surgical or other medical procedures and treatments. Reiki routinely helps cancer patients with their radiation and chemotherapy side effects.

If you are undergoing stress in your life and want to reduce the causes and effects then this Class is for you. You will notice an improvement in your well-being immediately. Guaranteed!

Reiki is currently being invited into hospitals all over the country and we have many here in NH already. Speare Memorial Hospital in Plymouth is among them. They are seeking volunteers to help administer the treatment to patients every day.

I have over 19 years of experience with Reiki and have taught many to use it on themselves, their families and some have opened it up to a thriving client practice. A client practice may not be for everyone, but Reiki itself IS! The uses are multi-dimensional and the benefits to health, relationships and financial improvement is undeniable.

Register for my class today! Become a Reiki person and see and experience what the buzz is all about. Your family will thank you. You will thank yourself.