My Journey

Gayle Hannan

My journey began over 50 years ago in Massachusetts, south of Boston. My mother and father were together not very long. My father, a Veteran of the Korean War died when I had just turned 2. Perhaps his cancer was caused by direct exposure to radiation and other toxins while in combat. He was only 32 years old when he died. He left us too soon. In the early 1960’s being raised by a widowed, young and beautiful mother was not that common. Mom worked a lot and we managed OK, but I often felt abandoned, alone, different from all my friends who had available dads. This pattern repeated itself later on for me. I was not widowed but became a single mom, with 2 kids.

Even though we moved around a lot, I managed to graduate from Northeastern University. Learning and loving school was a safe place for me to be. All along I felt I wanted to be a teacher. So today I am realizing that dream. I AM a teacher. The subject is energy healing and the evolution of human consciousness. Psychology and the emotional side of human beings were ever present to my awareness and interest, yet not fully realized. As an emotionally sensitive person I have only recently understood how valuable a skill that is for me. I have learned how to read, understand and follow my emotional wave and guidance systems in ways that have allowed me to develop a successful energy healing practice over the last 20 years.

Our emotions guide us. Learning how to evaluate and listen to the good or not so good feelings and thoughts everyone has is crucial to living well and happily ever after. It is REAL this happily ever after. I once thought it was bunk, a myth, a false premise, but truly when we are paying attention to our feelings and thoughts they will bring us to joyfulness. I BELIEVE it IS our natural state of being. The trouble is most of us are busy trying to attend to the emotional wave of others, neglecting to focus on our own emotional vibration and alignment.

Had I been taught as a child to consciously listen and understand myself and my feelings, I would have chosen life differently. Intuitively, I knew the marriage I was engaging in was not the best choice for me to achieve happiness. What did I know? I knew struggle, I knew chaos. I did not know much about feeling good and happy and being loved. So I went with what was familiar…alcoholism, poverty, depression, grief and being told “I can’t”. I felt unhappy and I knew somehow it could be better. So I kept searching to feel good. Happy like my name reminds me GAYle.

Thanks to my mother’s support and introduction to Barbara Brennan, I went to school there and my life changed forever. I was HOME. I found the school I had been searching for. Barbara taught me so much about myself and the Human Energy Consciousness Systems there was no going back. I began to feel what LOVE actually felt like. I began to LOVE myself in ways that I didn’t know I could.

Keeping my family together was very important to me but, I knew that I couldn’t allow myself and my children to continue to live in a toxic environment with someone who was not allowing the changes in certain behavior patterns which were necessary . (Today, some of those changes have happened and we are happy for that.) I became divorced and struggled to survive with limitations of child care and income. Even though I was educated, I found it difficult to find good part time work in my area. I chose to tend to my kids closely teaching them about their emotions and how to navigate the waves.

Along this path I have remained stable in the same home within a wonderful community. My neighbors and friends have been there for me and my kids when things were tough. We are so grateful to those who shepherded us and loved us.

Over the last 20 years I have worked with hundreds of clients who shared their struggles with me and I supported them in their healing process. That has been a true blessing and a gift. I am available to be preparing with you to open another door for healing to flow toward and through you. I promise you it will be fun and we will laugh at all the unexpected ways spirit brings us to our lessons of love and healing. First we must learn to love ourselves. This lesson is not about selfishness or conceit. It means showing up for YOU first and foremost. Gone are the days of self- sacrifice to the point of collapse. Nourishment of the body, mind, soul is very important is must be attended to. I will help you with that.

This work is powerful. It has changed my life, helped me to be a better parent, partner, friend, teacher, leader, artist. I hope you will find comfort and relief from that which ails you in this journey of healing we walk together.

We all have many stories to share and my Journey to healing is filled with miracles, coincidences, spiritual experiences, angels, guides, priests and priestesses. Join with me and I will share them with you to light up the dark paths we all walk together on this beautiful planet Earth.