Day 10 S.O.S Poetry Project

A Time of Great Transition
by Barbara Brennan

n this time of great transition
as each individual upon this
planet focuses more attention
to the processes of awakening,
-transformation, transcendence and transfiguration
there will be great changes across the planets
in the summer months, until the fall
when we meet again.

These great changes may, at first,
challenge your faith and your hope.
They may, at first, cause frightening reactions.
You may wonder what will happen to the world
as you hear threatening remarks
upon the airwaves.

But again, I reassure you,
it is only the extreme opposites
in the collective unconsciousness of humanity announcing their presence.
Announcing, proclaiming
as a way to get attention for healing.

Gayle’s Reflections

Yes it is a time of great transition. As I continue this project toward transitioning myself, my work, my creative essence out into the world, I hit resistance to the changes. I hit a wall of grief of letting go of the old ways. Rather than turn away from it, I choose to turn toward the grief and allow it to express and wave through me as a release of fear.

I am challenged by all sorts of rapid movement the world gives me. How I meet that movement determines my level of love or fear.
Love and fear are the extreme opposites that humanity is now transforming, transcending, and transfiguring. We are swimming in a soup of unconscious opposites calling our collective attention toward the healing of our humanity and the systems of community and regulation we have built. Every time a call from the media shouts… Fear! Fear! Over Here! Meet it with love.

Choose to find and express the love from within. Send your compassion toward the fear just beneath the surface of the story.

Today I am challenged to find my love under the fog of fear. Feeling a bit alone in the wildness of the world brings up the ability to survive and meet all the demands put upon me. It is just a temporary threat. I have developed extreme love, trust, faith and hope for life itself. In these moments of threat that are calling out for healing, I welcome them back to the safety of my loving heart. To the safety of the Goddess/God we all share within.

The world will always give us extreme opposites to choose…War-Peace, Freedom-Enslavement, Republican-Democrat, Muslim-Christian-Jew.
All require us to choose deep love and compassion when the call out for healing is heard.
Choose more love today.
Welcome the fear home and transmute through love. This is the great conscious transition we are all making.

Choose Love…Choose Love…Choose to Love.
Ask daily what would love do here?

Thank you Barbara, I love to watch the media show us who needs the most love right now.

See you tomorrow.
Love, Gayle