Day 39 SOS-2000 Poetry Project

Burn Your Debris
by Barbara Brennan

Burn the debris that has accumulated
around all of your original creations that are still in progress,
that have simply been standing by the wayside
awaiting your recognition.

Look with loving eyes.
Bring them gently into the fire of the burning heart,
and accept those portions of your being for what they are now.
The debris burns.
Within it you find the original spark,
the original divine creative urge,
the original light that seeks its self,
that seeks to unfold, to express,
that seeks to give its loving essence forth into the world.

Gayle’s Reflection:

My original creations are still very much under wraps.
Is it time to burn off the debris and allow it to flourish in the light of my adoring eyes?
Or is it time for continued judgment and procrastination?
What do I give to myself that I create?
Dare I show the world or hold it close to my heart?

This poetry project was gathering some debris as I stopped writing for a month. Realizing I was missing it, I began again today. Reigniting the spark Barbara speaks of, flaming the fire of my heart where my intention, love and creation originate. I am allowing myself to come in contact with the words to paper, the inspiration of the poem, then the stream that opens me to this divine process.

You see, I choose the poetic inspiration as a practice of getting myself comfortable with my own thoughts, ideas and writing words on the paper. Thereby creating a discipline of coming in contact with my teacher, and the lessons she gave. All of it brings me deeper into my own wisdom and creative essence self.

Being creative was not a lesson I received early on in life. It was more about doing the tasks required of me to please the adults around me. The positive reflection of my own creative nature was limited or non-existent. I give myself permission to witness and go with my own ebb and flow.

Now I am opening it up again in order to exercise my love of words to paper.
So burn off the debris of limitation with the fires of Beltane!
Have a bonfire and call back those portions which remain unfinished.
Tune into the expansion of life force, the original creative urge that seeks to express itself.
AHHH…the out breath of spring and warmth and light.
Rake up the old debris and alight it to fire!
Make room for new growth.

The seeds have been planted, and the darkness of winter is gone.
Light up and create!

Thank you Barbara,
I am shedding the dross and confines of winter and readying for more creative urges.

See you tomorrow,
Love Gayle