planetary reality, collective dreamfield, self-healing, transducer

Gayle’s Reflection:
Well after a week of processing feelings I am transformed. I have been healing myself. I have invited some trusted friends and advisors to be with me in it. Thank you all. What is the planetary reality and collective dreamfield being transformed in your world today? Has it hit you like a lightening bolt or have you gently been getting the subtle insights which bring resolution to limiting beliefs and worn out paradigms?

I do believe we are all having some segment of our spiritual body re-aligned, re-configured and changed significantly in order to hold the new vibration for equality and unity now finding its’ stronghold on the planet. No longer can we tolerate indifference, oppression, war.

This full moon in Aries with the eclipse in Libra helps us to understand we must no longer suffer at the hands of dominate people. We are finding balance and clearing in each of our individual cells in order to add a conscious presence to the collective that frees us from slavery. Thank you for doing your part.