Pronunciation: ka’ wak
Common Mayan Usage: storm, fire, rain
Qualities: purification, transformation, reunion, light body, activation for ascension, thunder being, lightening path, initiation by fire, ecstasy of freedom

Gayle’s Reflection:
Every shaman knows the imperative of purification. In order for the creator to deliver us new, we must first empty the old. We must clean the closet and all the crevices that are filled with debris gathering dust. It is the stuff that no longer serves us or even holds us back from becoming more of our light body.

Today take the opportunity to fast, clean out a junk drawer and create some order. You will feel more light having thrown away pieces of plastic and foil that have no purpose. You may feel lighter having rested the body from the digestive process. When you choose this you signal that the space is prepared for something new to arrive.

Being on a day of celebration such as this, beware of thunder beings and lightening, tricksters and evil doers. They are being beckoned forth at a time when the veils are thin. Notice how it feels when you view demons and other low creatures. Do you feel a twang of fear arise?

Consciously activate your light body today through purification, lightning, rain or fire. The time is ripe to become free of the past. Use wisely the energy available today.

Affirmation: “I am purifying and transforming myself, igniting my light body, healing all separation.”