Pronunciation: la mat’
Qualities: harmony, starseed, beneficial combinations, way show-er, octave, expanded love, clear perspective

Gayle’s Reflection:
Lamat is a card of harmony, which is very appropriate as we approach the autumnal equinox and enter the sign of Libra. When reviewing the entire week I also see a larger pattern emerge. We are setting seeds. Ix brings us to heart-knowing , Kan is the earth seed, Caban bring us into Earth alignment, Oc draws our guides to us and Lamat is the spark that ignites with light whatever we are choosing to create intentionally or unintentionally.

Consciousness is what we are evolving with now. Look over what has been and see the larger pattern emerge. Notice what may be an unconscious pattern of relationship. Start with yourself and your own family. What seeds were sown to create it and when? Are they still germinating in your field?

Lamat wants us to balance this out and bring in more harmony. We can do this by bringing conscious awareness to the unconscious. The world is screaming for more balance and harmony. All we can do is help ourselves become more in harmony with our lives, families, work, and communities. Simply noticing that it exists is most of it. Allowing it to receive the love that is needed is the rest.

One pebble of change may ripple a great distance. As we become more balanced in our emotions others will want to resonate in the same way. Perhaps then all of the challenges of the heart will abate and more love and joy will resonate toward all. BE a way show-er of harmony with Lamat.
Can you embody what it feels like to be balanced in your life? It takes practice, self-awareness, and emotional understanding. You can be the harmony. Be the Love. Be the Change you want to feel in the world.

Affirmation: “I AM my full presence now. I am the harmony of the stars!”