Pronunciation: oak’
Qualities: breakthrough, new beginnings, relationships, companions of destiny, emotional-body issues, recasting the past, spiritual strength, guardians and guides

Gayle’s Reflection:
Be with your companions of destiny today. Seek out the seekers like yourself. Allow them to love and support you with healing and teaching. You will know who they are because you walk together along the same path toward Love and God. Be close for they are the ones who understand the emotional journey we are becoming conscious to. They cheer you on with your accomplishments and breakthroughs and hold you close when relationships and life are challenging you.
These are your physical guardians and guides.

Now are you ready to allow in your spiritual guardians and guides. Or could it be a bit too scary right now? You need only to ask for the help and it will be done. Even if it seems that nothing is happening, they are there loving and supporting you in all of your dramas and dharma. A common usage for Oc is wolf or dog. Now is there ever a more loyal companion? Dog medicine tells us to be part of the pack. We are family and we travel together surviving this school of Earth we are floating on.

Take some time today to reflect on the relationships you have in your life. Notice what you feel and choose where you want to put your energy. Toward one that is loving and supportive or one that doesn’t seem to alter no matter what you do. Is the energy of the friendship positive, negative, neutral?
Just notice and choose what makes your heart feel GOOD!

Affirmation: “I open to new beginnings. I receive guardians and guides.”