Day 26 SOS -2000 Poetry Project

Surrender to the Burning
By Barbara Brennan

As fire burns in the heart, the fire of the heart burns.
Surrender to the burning, the burning.
Surrender to the burning within you
of the pain and the joy, the courage and the fear.

Surrender to the burning.

Enter the fire with pleasure and great expectation,
as you surrender to your burning,
dissolving into fire.

The warrior burns. The warrior surrenders.

Gayle’s Reflection:

Surrender to the passion of the heart, is what is being said here. Surrender does not imply a winning or losing event. Surrender is a deep trust and allowing of the sacred heart’s passion to come into being.

Burning off the dross that covers the passionate heart takes trust, courage and desire to walk through the levels of fear and pain. It is a matter of trusting the fire to deliver the pleasure and joy of receiving the true desire of one’s own heart.

The most important thing I learned at BBSH was to keep trusting my own heart’s sweet longing. Doing this allowed me to keep stepping toward the burning alchemical fire that was opening in my heart and forever changing my life.
To live a life knowing ones’ own heart became a passion I could not avoid.

Sometimes the fire was but a spark that I chose to keep fanning until the flames emerged and the burning desire was unveiled. This happened over and over again as my heart was covered thus. My noticing what my own heart wanted became my most important focus.

Mostly, I wanted to authentically love and be loved as I am. The whole time learning how it felt to surrender to loving myself and caring for myself first. A big lesson most little girls like me didn’t get early on in life.

Now is the time to deeply surrender to love.
May all the fear and pain of deep love dissolve away.
May my heart be forever free of it.

Thank you Barbara for this most important lesson of SELF LOVE.

See you tomorrow,
Love Gayle

P.S. Happy Birthday!