Pronunciation: ak’ bal
Qualities; abyss, mystery, sanctuary, serenity, “looks within” place, enclosing darkness, journey into self, stillness, dreamtime, dreamfield matrix, dream exploration.

Gayle’s Reflection – Here is the Shadow Transformation:
“Be willing to examine how you judge and evaluate yourself. Embrace and follow your inner shadow processes to learn from their gifts.”

The shadow transformation is potent. I often look toward the shadow (the parts of you which is hidden, unconscious or maybe you are unwilling to see) to help me focus on the flaws and check in with myself. Akbal reminds me to be kinder to myself. I am shown that it is ok to view the negative pieces of my process with understanding and compassion. This leads to more consciousness and expansion. Harsh judgment toward myself often leads to more suffering or negative experiences. Just noticing with an open heart leads me to finding the treasure of myself.

Check your dreams today to see and feel what unconscious pieces of yourself are asking to be brought into more light. As we approach the dark time of winter it is designed for you to be doing this. So let the Earth guide you into the dreamfield matrix and explore the self by embracing the darkness; your darkness. Embrace it, explore it, understand its’ origins. Get to know yourself with all of the flaws and blemishes. We all have them. Stop resisting the darkness and the scary abyss of the negative. Evaluate with kindness and compassion.

When you embrace it and allow it in, a shift toward more love can occur.

Affirmation: “I pilgrimage deep within, to the sanctuary of self, to garner the gifts awaiting me there.”