THREE (Rhythm)

movement, change, flow, current, creativity, integration, sacred trinity

Gayle’s Reflection:
It is Tuesday. Are you in your rhythm for the week? Three helps us to get in the flow. Begin to roll with the river of work. We get our feet under us having transitioned from the weekend on Monday. Today get creative. Allow your movement of ideas and productivity to gain momentum as we build toward the solar eclipse on Thursday.

Whatever you desire to change on that portal day begin to allow it to be present in your psyche. Write, sing, dance, release and focus on what it is you desire to change. Bring in what the desire is and how it feels to you. Three helps us to reveal a new creation. The sun will charge it into being later this week. So prepare your seeds, by getting in the rhythm of universal flow. It is here. Become aligned with it and flow with the currents of galaxies.