Good Day Dear Hearts,
Let it be known that all of your prayers are already answered.

You will go forth into this new era with more Joy and Abundance than you have ever encountered before.
Allow yourself those places where pleasure resides.
Pleasure brings a smile to your being.
Smiling restores the physical body and resets the heart and immune system.
During times of stress or anxiety hitting pause to smile brings forth an auto-immune response which soothes and nourishes the central nervous system which has become overworked, frayed and frazzled over time. Especially for the women. They are not designed to endure long, extended periods of stress. Only in extreme moments of flight or fight. Today as women’s bodies are subjected to regular and ongoing exposure to stressful environments loaded with conflict, judgment and insecurity, their bodies are breaking down in massive numbers. The body will manifest in multiple ways this inner break down of the pleasure response. Women are designed to create pleasure and beauty. This mechanism must now be allowed to flourish and expand for our planet to survive. Beauty and pleasure of creation must be allowed, and restored for women to participate in and behold. Allow within themselves a place to create with pleasure for others to enjoy.

Women your time is here. Choose what gives YOU pleasure and engage yourself with it. Call forth within yourself the creatrix which longs to play in the arts, build a new community, raise a family and garden, create a new government, develop new business models and technologies.
Do it your way…With Pleasure because you love the feeling of creating.
Do it without ego and allow the grace of the divine to show you , open you to receive and release you from the judgments, restrictions, and criticisms of others. Allow your own creative pulse to…
Flow into woman-i-festation and
Become what it is
Become who you are
Creator of Universes
Begin Now
Choose Today
Free your Heart
Create Your Life

So long for now,