Day 32 SOS-2000 Poetry Project

Your Personal Unity
By Barbara Brennan

What is the language of your personal unity?
What is the language
with which you speak your divinity?

How do you carry your divinity within you?
Do you find it within every cell of your body?
Or do you put it in a vault, somewhere to be hidden,
only to be unlocked when you are alone at night
in the silent evening, under stars
that call to the expansion
of your soul?

It is here,
in our community of the sacred human heart!
We challenge you
to bring out this divinity with each other.

Now, here, together.
You can do that through your love.
For the heart carries the divine to another,
and then to another, and another and another,
until divine love is cascading, to one another, to the millions,
and flows among you in the transparency of wholeness.

Gayle’s Reflection:

My personal unity is the language of love.
My personal divinity begins with loving myself.
Seeing myself as divine, as flawed, as human being.
The expression of love is so personal, especially love of self. Seeing the self as a divine, holy being created by God allows the presence of unity consciousness.

The world tells us we are mechanistic, easily expendable, absent of the Divine. My longing is to continue to see the Divine in all beings, to illicit the sacred human heart whenever possible.

One way for me to do that when holiness seems so far away is to ask in the moment…
What would LOVE do here?
Where is the LOVE hidden?
How can I come into communion with it?

When asking such questions, the answers often appear as I seek out the divinity in another. It is as if the divinity in the other is also longing for the divine communion of sacred hearts, hears the call and responds to the LOVE with more love.

I saw this last night on the news when Ukrainian soldiers marched unarmed toward the Russian invading army.
I felt I was witnessing Divine truth in the making… visible human hearts, divine souls courageously asking the invaders to disarm and go home to their families.

How powerful is that?

We are all divine. We are all members of the community of the sacred human heart. We just need to remember that peacefully, by bearing witness to each other in the flesh and seek out the divine in each other.

Perhaps then, the fear of one another will transform into love for one another, and another and another. The time for mechanistic, collateral damages and expendability of the Sacred Human Heart is done.

I challenge you to begin and continue one by one to choose the love and unity over fear and separation, thereby allowing the cascade of love to flow to the millions transforming all into wholeness.

Thank you Barbara, I now have a practice of choosing love.

See you tomorrow.