Today is the first of the month in a new year on the solar front. Returning to the darkness we are able to shine our light… I plan to post each day something that spirit has brought me to share.


Fear not dear heart.Let it be known this morning that you are well loved by the Creator… Allow yourself to Receive that love. Open yourself more and more and Receive more and more of yourself. Know the truth of who you are and open to receive yourself.Open to receive yourself. Open to Receive Yourself. Give Generously to yourself. Give generously to Yourself. Be Kind to others. Be Open to Receive yourself. Be kind to the plants, Be Kind to the animals. Allow yourself to drink it all in and be present to yourself. Be present to the spirit within you. Drink in the goodness. Breathe in the Beauty that you are. Allow it all in. Allow it all in abundantly. You are graced with love and spirit in every moment. All you need do is turn your Attention to it, quiet the mind, turn off the devices and allow it all in…That is all you need do – be- Remember
So Long for now…

Thank you,