Vision – The New Paradigm

Let it be known this day that many changes are under way –

All of the places where darkness lived and shadows lurked
Are being exposed to Light
Are being exposed to Love
Are being delivered to accountability

Send It Back

Good Day Dear Heart,
Remember always your gifts are many.
You offer up many avenues to find the Self.
Reflection, reflection, reflection.
Your man is reflecting back to you what is still represented in your field.

Mother Bear

Good Day Dear Heart, Let It be known this day that your heart is expanding into more and more love for yourself than you will ever experience. This love you have for you and only you is so great that you will find yourself blissfully happy when your are completely...

Choose Yourself

Good Day Dear Heart, Let it be known this day that all you are doing and being is for the highest good. Remember your prayers are always heard and your voice is not silent. Be aware that everything is taken care of in it’s right time, in it’s right order. You...

Free Your Expression

What would you like to share with me today? Good Day Dear Hearts, Let it be known that every prayer is all ready and answered. You only need to allow it to come to you. Clear your thoughts and eventual feelings of lack and unworthiness and open your channels to...

Allow the Rhythm of Creation

Good Day Dear Heart, Today is a day for allowing. The busy-ness is subsiding. Allow the sun to shine . Allow the breeze to blow, birds to sing. Allow the stresses to fall away into your deep breathing. Remarkable sound the deep breathing. Allow the life pulse and...