Send It BAck

Good Day Dear Heart,
Remember always your gifts are many.
You offer up many avenues to find the Self.
Reflection, reflection, reflection.
Your man is reflecting back to you what is still represented in your field.
Give this back to yourself.
Give and love in you all of the hurt places where messy old men bear have peed on your person.
Made you feel less than.
Made you feel insignificant.
Made you notice your own inadequacies in your thinking.

These are only negative vibrations, placed upon you where you are not whole in yourself.
Where you cannot find who you are because at a critical age you were diminished by a brutal angry bear.
Remember they are only experiences for your growth and they do not represent who you truly are.
It is time to take these places of insignificant diminishes and return them back to their creator.
These are not experiences you wish to claim any longer.
Even though they are a part of you

Return the essence of them back to their own creator and do not allow any place of diminishment to reside in your essential nature.
Do not allow it to reside.
Do not allow it to reside.

Place it where it belongs with it’s creator…
With it’s creator
Send it Back
Send it Back
Send it Back.

Give yourself space to release and return those energies you absorbed in your field
Release & Return
Release & Return
Release & Return.

All that was placed in your energy field that does not belong to you dear heart.
All that does not belong to you
All that does not belong to you.

Release & Forgive
Release & Forgive
Release & Forgive

Forgive yourself for holding onto it for so long.
Forgive yourself for not forgiving the Creator of the pain.
Forgive the Creator of the Pain as you return their creation of pain, abandonment, embarrassment, humiliation, violence, and betrayal unto them

Forgive it all and know you are creating space for yourself to create by design the Life you are wanting.
Create your Space By Design
Create you Space By Design
Trust and know it will arrive as you choose…

Day By Day the unfolding occurs as you create space and open your arms to receive Love in that space
Love of Self
Love of Other
Love of Creation.

Open to allow it all to vibrate to you
Open to allow it all to vibrate to you.
Smile and Receive your Reward.

Gayle Hannan©